Endorsements for Sam Agtarap for Port Moody Council

I am happy to enthusiastically endorse Samantha Agtarap for Port Moody City Council. I’ve had the privilege to work with Samantha for many years on the Shop Local Port Moody board and also during our time on the Economic Development Committee. Samantha, as a resident and a small business owner in Port Moody, is passionate about ensuring this city truly is one where you can work, live and play.

I know Samantha to be very thoughtful, reasoned and considerate and also someone who is articulate and can engage in respectful debate. I’m confident that she would listen to the community, work tirelessly to move Port Moody forward in a positive direction and bring much needed civility to the council table. Her perspective as a resident and business owner in Moody Centre will be invaluable!

Lisa Beecroft

Owner, Gabi & Jules and Caffe Divano

I’ve had the privilege of being neighbours with Samantha and her family in Port Moody for almost 7 years now.

More recently, I’ve worked directly with her on our strata’s council, where I’ve witnessed firsthand her ability to listen to neighbours’ concerns, propose thoughtful solutions to problems, and approach conflicts in a fair and even-handed way.

She’s been instrumental in a number of initiatives for our building, from roof repairs to conflict resolution to climate change adaptation. She researched and provided our strata with valuable information on EV charging, heat pumps, sun shades, and other solutions we are currently working toward.

She’s a self-starter and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is kind, cares deeply about her neighbours and her community, and I trust her completely. I’m proud to endorse her candidacy for Port Moody Council.

Jordan Cheadle

Neighbour, Strata Council Member

We are delighted that Samantha is putting her name forward to serve as City Councillor for Port Moody. As a committed community builder, local business owner, and advocate for sustainability, Samantha has demonstrated her ability to invest in and build towards a better future.

In her role with Pinna Sustainability, Samantha brought expertise as a professional engineer to support climate action planning for communities across the province. She applied her analytical skills to help communities use climate science to inform long-term community planning and development activities. In addition to her strong analytical skills, Samantha is an excellent communicator, with the ability to discuss complex topics in an accessible way. The skills she has demonstrated, both in her professional and volunteer careers, highlight her ability to connect and listen to people, show empathy, and get things done!

Gillian Aubie Vines

Principal, Pinna Sustainability

Like so many Port Moody residents, I’m fed up of the divisive slate politics, so I’m very grateful and excited that Samantha has put her name forward to serve our community.

I worked alongside Samantha on the Economic Development Committee where I found her to be a thoughtful individual with good ideas. Our committee was instrumental in identifying the need for an Economic Development Manager and developing a strategic plan for the new manager to execute.

She is a Port Moody business owner and resident, and understands the pressures that our community is facing. As a professional engineer, I believe she will contribute to understanding complex issues and use data and logic to solve the challenges facing our city. I think she will be an excellent councillor and I am happy to support her.

John Grasty

Retired , Longtime Council Watcher and Community Volunteer

I first met Samantha in 2003. Since that time we have worked together in a number of professional engineering capacities. I was initially Samantha’s supervisor in a firm committed to urban sustainability. Now I am proud to call Samantha my peer as we continue to collaborate on a range of energy efficiency consulting projects.

Samantha’s career trajectory has been defined her clear communication, thoughtful perspective and professional demeanor.  As a Professional Engineer who is committed to sustainability, Samantha has demonstrated strong leadership, visionary thinking and an ability to translate ideas into practical actions. The skills and aptitude that Samantha demonstrates in her professional capacity provide a strong foundation for her interest in public life. I have every confidence that Samantha will excel in her new efforts as Councilor for the City of Port Moody and wish Samantha all the best in her new pursuit.

Innes Hood

Professional Engineer, Innes Hood Consulting

I have known Sam and her family for almost ten years and during that time have seen her wear many hats with skill and thoughtfulness never hesitating to take initiative to improve the quality of life for others and the many communities to which she belongs.

I have known her as a local business owner and entrepreneur, a member of our school community, and also as a mom, and I have been consistently inspired by her as a woman who walks the walk rather than someone who just talks the talk.

As a Port Moody resident of 26 years, I have many concerns about where this beautiful place and its community are headed. When Sam put her hat in the ring, I felt a renewed confidence that should she be elected, we will actually have a brilliantly creative person involved, someone who knows how to get things done while being inclusive and supportive of the diversity in our community.

Angela Prider

Owner, Sacred Life School

I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with Samantha on the Shop Local Port Moody board.  Samantha is a very dedicated and thorough person who likes to take action. She is trustworthy and has strong business experience. She’s an avid supporter of local businesses and prioritizes the environment through concrete actions, both in her personal life and in her business.  I believe she would be a strong and dedicated change maker and a great asset to our city.

Julie Veres

Owner, Unmediocre Store

I am endorsing Samantha Agtarap for Port Moody City Council in 2022. I have known Samantha for over 7 years, having first met her when I joined Engineered Bodies Strength and Conditioning – a business that she is co-owner of. Samantha has been a consistent advocate for effective policies on a range of issues, from housing to transportation to climate to homelessness. … as a business owner in Port Moody for 10 years, where she has had extensive conversations and long term relationships with many people who live in the city, I know she must have a very good sense of what is happening in her community. Read more here.

Yolanda Fenton

Director of Product Innovation, Factors Group of Nutritional Companies

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